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Schools Tennis

Tennis is a sport that offers numerous benefits to young people, including improved physical fitness, enhanced coordination and balance, and the development of important life skills such as discipline, perseverance, and sportsmanship. As a coach, I am passionate about helping young people discover and enjoy the many benefits of tennis.

I have extensive experience coaching tennis to children of all ages and skill levels, and I am confident that I could design a coaching program that meets the specific needs of your school. Whether your students are just starting out in tennis or have some experience already, I can work with them to help them improve their technique, strategy, and overall performance on the court.

In terms of logistics, I am flexible and can work around your school's schedule and facilities. I can provide all necessary equipment, or work with what is available at your school.


I firmly believe that tennis starts at grass roots level and by tapping into tennis in primary schools and players of a young age, the game can evolve. Tennis is a superb sport that can be learnt with practice at any age, but learning it at key stage 1 and 2 will lay the foundations of tennis and this wonderful sport for the rest of their lives. By teaching tennis to children at your school will help them develop both physically and mentally.I cant think of a single sport that does this in quite the same way that tennis does. It is my aim to promote tennis at this young age as much as I possibly can, to get as many juniors playing, because that is where our future players will come from, whether it be at a social or at a competitive level. I intend to use my extensive coaching experience to teach children of this age, and by doing this we can take tennis to the next level.

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