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My Tennis Heroes

Being a player remembering at a very young age, always following Bjorn Borg. It was the time of his great finals against John McEnroe, circa 80/81. Yes, I'm that old! Then in the mid 80s I followed Jimmy Connors, he was a different breed as a match player. He would sweat, blood n tears but, I have to be totally honest, it was on another level for me when it came to Agassi. We were the same age, I was aspiring to be a pro at time.


Almost modelled my whole game on him. Even wore Nike clothes cos he did. Grew my hair long, yeah i know, I had hair back then. Took the ball early, well, at least I tried to. I'd attempt to hit the cover off the ball like he did. In my opinion, he had the greatest return of serve I've ever seen, player for player, era for era. OK, I lost my hair like him, double drat..... Love this guy!

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