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Tennis Match

The Importance of A Firm Wrist

Have you ever wondered how the pros get to hit such a solid shot on their forehand and backhand? Let me show you how!


Very often, in my lessons, I will explain how, on the forehand and backhand one handed groundstrokes, that you should be trying to achieve an almost 90 degree angle between racket and arm. See on the pictures below, how, Roger and co will have their wrist laid back at contact point.


Contact point is the term we use for the exact moment when ball meets your racket. A good way of understanding this on the forehand and doing it correctly is by thinking of keeping your palm of your hitting hand pointing towards the net and the wrist laid back as the racket hits the ball.

By doing this and pointing the face of the racket(the strings) towards the place you intend to hit the ball, in all cases towards the net, you are pretty much guaranteeing that you will hit the ball in front of your body, helping you push your momentum forward through the shot and having complete stability with your racket on contact. In simple terms. No loose wrist at impact.

Here are some good examples in the pictures below. See how these players that are pictured below, are keeping their racket in front of their body on contact and their racket and arm at an almost 90 degree angle.

In my next lesson, I will show you a way that will help you get into this position. 

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